Dental implants can change your life if you decide to restore your smile or replace a missing tooth with them. Are you wondering whether or not you’ll be able to find affordable dental implants in Denver, Colorado? Then you’re in for a shock. Despite having a reputation for being more expensive than some other tooth replacement options, dental implants are less costly over the long run. 

First, what are dental implants? A dental implant is a titanium screw that is placed into the jawbone to act as a replacement for a natural tooth root. Dental implants are an increasingly popular choice for those who are missing one or more teeth, as they offer several advantages over other dental prosthetics.

Next, what should you consider when choosing dental implants? Dental implants are a popular and effective way to replace missing teeth. However, they are not suitable for everyone. A number of factors need to be considered before choosing dental implants, including overall health, the condition of your jawbone, and budget.

People with certain medical conditions may not be good candidates for dental implants, as the surgery required to place the implants carries a risk of complications. For example, those with diabetes or heart disease may be at higher risk for implant failure. Additionally, people who take certain medications, such as steroids or chemotherapy drugs, may not be good candidates due to the effects these drugs have on bone healing.

The condition of the jawbone is also essential when considering dental implants. The bone needs to be strong enough to support the implant, and if it has deteriorated too much, it may need to be augmented with bone grafting before dental implants can be placed. The grafting can add both time and expense to the dental implant procedure.

Finally, dental implants are a financial investment. The cost of dental implants can range from a few thousand dollars to several thousand dollars per tooth. Dental insurance typically does not cover dental implants, so you must consider the cost when deciding.

While dental implants are an excellent way to replace missing teeth, you must consult with our team to ensure that dental implants are the right choice for you.


The Best and Most Affordable Denver Dental Implants

Since dental implants are more expensive than conventional dentures, many people are reluctant to get them. Nobody, however, should let the price of implants prevent them from getting the stunning smile they desire. However, you can end up saving money in the long run. 

Of all current restorative techniques, dental implants have the highest success rate. You have a 98 percent probability of keeping your implants for the rest of your life if you take good care of them.

With dental implants, you can save money upfront rather than paying for replacement bridges, partial dentures, and finally, a complete set of dentures (not to mention the numerous appointments required). While dental implants will last up to 25 years, dentures require replacement every three to five years.


Affordable Dental Implant Treatment From Aspen Dental

Don’t let cost deter you from obtaining dental implants if you consider getting them. Nobody should have to live their lives worrying about what they eat or how they smile. Dental implants are a fantastic solution to these issues and can make your life more secure and comfortable. 

You should consult Drs. Rossow, Noce, Burns, or Neal if you’ve lost teeth or are experiencing tooth loss. They will work with you to develop a personalized, cost-effective strategy for tooth replacement so you may have the smile you’ve always wanted. 

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