Digital x-ray technology has improved diagnostic capabilities greatly. It has reduced exposure to radiation which has, in turn, helped to ease some of the patient anxiety that may have kept people from seeking the dental care that they need. The innovation has done away with the chemicals and materials that were part of the traditional x-ray process which is a plus as far as the environment is concerned.

As great a contribution as the digital x-ray has been to the field of dentistry the intraoral camera has been even more of a boon. With the intraoral camera, dentists are now able to detect a problem sooner and in more detail than ever before. It can be used to check for leakage around a filling or a crown and spot cavities that may be forming under a tooth that has undergone the previous restoration.

The images produced by an intraoral camera can be transferred to a computer screen so that the patient can view them right along with his dentist and be able to see for himself what the problem may be and better understand the need for treatment. Procedural options can be more easily explained using the images as a visual aid. The images are then stored with the other data in the patient’s file to be used as a future reference.

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